Welcome to CTRAN Consulting!

CTRAN stands for complete transformation of value to its clients, through in-depth study and careful analysis, into products and services designed to meet the growing requirements of its discerning clients. The company is dedicated to providing sustainable solutions to the problems faced by them. The core competence of CTRAN lies in its unimpeachable credibility, unmatched analytical rigour and perceptible value addition.


Our Mission

Mission of BASIX-CTRAN is to develop energy and infrastructure that enhance shareholder’s value through a sustainable transaction based model using process and financial innovations contributing to inclusive growth and accountable development by managing climate change and reducing vulnerability through adaptation.



By 2020, CTRAN would emerge as a global market leader through sustained growth in the fields of energy, environment, climate change and inclusive infrastructure for livelihoods promotion by providing quality services and winning the trust of its clients, stakeholders and society.