Agriculture continues to be the most crucial sector of the Indian economy. With 26.8 percent contribution to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) at current prices and providing employment to nearly 2/3rd of the work force, agriculture is so much at the center stage in the Indian economy that any situational change in this sector, positive or negative, has a multiplier effect on the entire economy. The largest industries of the country like sugar, jute, textiles, food processing, milk, etc. are dependent on agriculture for their raw materials. Besides, the agriculture sector and rural areas are the biggest markets for low priced and middle priced consumer goods, including durable use items.

CTRAN seeks to support the State Governments and other stakeholders to evolve suitable strategies, technical assistance for promotion of partnerships with communities to enhance institutional and human capacities and bring about a sustainable change in the Agriculture and allied sectors. CTRAN has a thorough understanding of the sector and is working on a number of projects with the Govt and Non-Government agencies at the State and National Level. CTRAN has facilitated the preparation of CDAP and RKVY planning in Cuttack and Kalahandi during the year 2008-09. CTRAN has implemented National Agriculture Innovation Project [NAIP] with OUAT in two districts of Orissa titled ‘Value Chain on Ginger & Ginger Products and is also working with National Horticulture Mission and SFAC in projects involving value addition in the hands of the farmers. Most of these projects involve agri-partner and post-harvest management, marketing etc.


Services Offered

  • Value Chain Analysis
  • Formation and Strengthening of FPOs/ Farmers’ Cooperative
  • Capacity building of Farmers
  • Technical Assistance in marketing, agro-business linkages and governance