Energy is a key input for socio-economic development. Industrialization and urbanization have emerged as major components of economic development and GDP growth. The increasing use of fossil fuel in industrial process is not only bringing about environmental degradation but also is a concern for energy security. For meeting desired growth rate of the economy, the country will face formidable challenges in meeting its energy needs and in providing adequate energy in various forms to users in a sustainable manner and at a reasonable cost. Thus, the need for enhancing energy conservation efforts has become very important.

energy2We help clients to develop strategies to respond to the challenges of rising energy costs, new legislation and stakeholder demands. CTRAN assists to device technical and operational strategies for management of energy performance of organizations through measures to reduce energy cost, consumption and emissions and improve energy efficiency. The energy and emissions management strategies include emissions trading schemes, as well as managing the participatory scopes and exploring the scopes for organizations to extract value and earn revenue from the schemes. Our audit services offer business entities with recommendations to improve the building system and operational procedures. We have experience in auditing all types of operations, large and small, from commercial offices to large industrial plants.


Services Offered

  • Benchmarking and Performance Evaluation on Energy and Infrastructure
  • Performance Contract for Assuring Effective Energy Management
  • Fuel-switching Measures
  • Energy audits
  • Energy metering and data collection
  • Emissions trading scheme advice
  • Energy certification of buildings