world-environment-dayCTRAN has extensive experience in climate change policy, strategy and action, and has considerable knowledge related to climate change impacts, adaptation responses and vulnerability and resilience. It has an excellent track record in developing climate change adaptation strategies and action plans and thorough understanding of climate impacts and risks at all spatial scales, including national and regional, local and site specific, and a track record in climate change research. CTRAN has Particular expertise in brokering knowledge on technical aspects of assessment, flood risk management, vulnerable groups and resilience and hands-on experience in designing, developing and facilitating stakeholder engagement, training and capacity building events and processes related to climate change adaptation. We support governments and ministries in assessing climate change policies, and private actors in developing a carbon strategy.

CTRAN has developed a framework for translating National Action Plan on Climate Change (NAPCC) at the state level. It has prepared state level climate change action plan on climate change in several states of India.


Services Offered

  • Policy Analysis
  • Vulnerability assessment
  • Support in configuring Adaptation proposals
  • M&E of monitoring and evaluation of the implementation of the SAPCC
  • Climate modeling at de-scaled/decentralized level
  • Developing sectoral baseline (agriculture, industry, energy, health, urban development, forestry, coastal zone, etc.)
  • Climate Budgeting
  • Institutional Development Services and Capacity building to conform to national mitigation action (NAMA) and national adaptation planning (NAPA)

    Environment Management Services/Environmental Compliance Services

    CTRAN offers services regarding compliance to various norms set by regulatory bodies at regional, national and international levels. These services include:

    • Biodiversity assessment (Forestry, coastal zone)
    • Structured PES products (bio-diversity, watershed, etc.)
    • Environmental Management System (EMS) Planning, implementation and monitoring
    • Pollution modeling (air, noise, water) and prediction
    • Risk assessment and Disaster Management Plan
    • Environmental Management System (EMS) advisory services under ISO 14001 standards
    • Environmental Compliance auditing and reporting