CTRAN is focused on multifunctional and sustainable forest development, the balance of ever increasing demands on forests in a participatory stakeholder approach and our pursuit of exploration of the full potential of responsible natural resource management.

CTRAN is one of the few firms with international legal, policy and technical expertise in REDD+ that curb climate change through sustainable land-use practices and conservation. We assist investors, International, National and local governments and donors in the development and implementation of bio-energy, carbon sequestration and “reduced emissions from deforestation and degradation” (REDD) projects, covering the full project cycle. We possess on-the-ground experience and understanding of the legal, regulatory, and policy issues surrounding the design and implementation of successful forest, agriculture and land use initiatives. CTRAN assists private and public entities in each phase of designing programs and implementing projects supported by carbon or other sources of climate finance. Our project design and implementation expertise includes work with private firms, National and International governments.

Equipped with in-depth understanding of the Clean Development Mechanism methodologies specific to forestry, we also assist in developing Afforestation/Reforestation projects right from identifying proper land for the project to registering the project at the Executive Board post validation.


Services offered

  • Biodiversity Assessment
  • Training and Capacity Building of Stakeholders
  • Preparation of Forest Governance Mechanism and Policy
  • NTFP Propagation, Inventory and establishment of market linkages
  • Valuation of Forest and Inventory of medicinal Plants
  • Payment for Ecological Services (PES)
  • GIS based Forest inventorisation , Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Afforestation and Reforestation Planning and Sustainability
  • Vegetation mapping and assessment
  • Forest and Forest Product Certification
  • Mangrove Conservation and Management Planning
  • Eco-restoration Planning and Landscape Management
  • REDD, REDD+ Advisory Services
  • A/R CDM Advisory Services
  • Forestry Carbon Advisory Services
  • Eco-tourism DPR preparation