Spurt in urbanization in India has lately resulted in a rise in urban population creating a crunch on available resources in cities and towns. The trend has expanded land use, residential and commercial developments which have mandated a change in design and delivery of physical infrastructure and utilities, community amenities and services to address the growing needs of urban population.

urbanCTRAN provides support to the government to develop policies and co-ordinate for strategic planning, reforming local and national government systems, public service delivery, capacity building programmes etc. We assist national and local governments to manage urban growth through people centric research, comprehensive documentation, intensive and extensive training programmes, implementation, effective networking, innovations in approaches and facilitating community led advocacy of salient development issues. Our services are extended for better urban governance, planning, community participation, enterprising, market development and improving rural and urban infrastructure.


Services offered

  • Water and sanitation strategies
  • Environmental Management
  • Solid waste management and Solar Energy projects
  • Transaction Advisory for low carbon infrastructure
  • Urban Governance